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Joy Blykas - Health
Stephanie Dorvinen -
Pauline Easterling
- Health
Jana Hammond - Health
Wes Harjala - Health
Willie Johnson - Health
Peter Maki - Health
Erica McDonald, Jacey Mukka - Health
Jim Morrissey - Health
Todd Neva - Health
Skip Rautio -  Health
Al Saari - Health (Out of the area)
Kim Turpeinen - Health
Mchalie Walter - Health
Kris Wolfe - Health
Jett Everly Young - Health

The Incarcerated
The Men and Women of the United States Military

Those Who Serve Our Country

Bruce Aho, Army, SC
2 Lt. Sarah Antioho, Army
Major Ernest R. Edge Jr., Army
Lt. Rudy Gazvoda, Coast Guard
Sean Harjala, Army, Afghanistan
Brian Puuri, Air Force, Germany

Those in Care Facilities

Cypress Manor
    Dorothy Olson
Houghton County Medical Care

   Audrey Harjala
   Loren & Shirley Kommes
Lakeside Home
    Eva Kuusisto

Portage Pointe
   Dolly Johnson
   Selma Kuusisto
   Jean Makkonen

The Persecuted Church in China, Cuba, Egypt, Nigeria, North Korea, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Sudan & Vietnam

Ministries Zion support through our Prayers & Giving
Eastern Mission
Foreign Mission
Inter-Lutheran Seminary
Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship
India Orphan (ALCA)
Little Lambs International
Lutheran Bible Fellowship
Zion Youth Ministries

Kristin Bond, World Team (Spain)

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